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Out & Equal’s 2022 Summit quite simply blew me away.Never before have I attended a conference where every attendee was so deeply engaged and focused on achieving the same mission. Every session focused on specific actions to take in the workplace to support LGBTQI+ employees — and the stories told by those who benefitted from that support were

More than 50 million Americans are disabled—that’s 18 out of 100 of us. If you’re not already one of the 18%, you may become one as you get older. While it’s obvious that discriminating against disabled people is wrong, many businesses aren’t aware of the alterations they’ll have to make to become accessible to everyone. 

For generations, Americans with disabilities

Having a pet costs money, sometimes more than pet owners expect to pay. At the same time, that can be money very well spent for an animal lover. Having a pet can bring joy to life, improve your physical health, and help kids learn responsibility. So, even though it’s undeniably more frugal not to have a pet, sometimes it’s worth

One of the most crucial factors in the success of any business is its employees. You want the best you can find: talented, dedicated people interested in what you do. Some of the right candidates for your team will have disabilities. Even if you don’t intend to rule out these candidates, if your workplace isn’t accessible to them, they won’t

Most investment opportunities come from publicly-traded products, such as stocks, but high net worth individuals can access private equity as well. These are investments not available on public markets. While they can be excellent opportunities, they come with certain risks as well. This webinar addresses advantages, risks, and the requirements for investing safely in private equity. Ethan Brown, an experienced

As inflation slowly raises the cost of living, some types of benefits keep pace using a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). Both pensions and Social Security are subject to COLAs, but the rules are different for each. This webinar addresses the purpose of COLAs, the different rules for FERS pensions and Social Security, and how to incorporate these expected increases into your

As part of building a diverse portfolio, most investors choose to put some of their assets into the tech sector. This large, rapidly-growing sector includes things like phones and computers, social networks, operating systems, workplace software, and more. While the behavior of the tech sector can be hard to predict, thanks to its rapid change, it can also pay off