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Over the last 30+ years, I have been providing 3 types of financing to clients… Residential Financing, Commercial Financing and Reverse Mortgage Financing.
In that time, I have seen all 3 improve and evolve but the one category that has improved the most is Reverse Mortgages.  In the past, when a customer applied for one, they were really throwing the

Lender communication is an important (but often overlooked) aspect to any loan agreement. Long after the ink has dried on the closing documents, successful businesses work diligently to communicate effectively with their lender(s). Today’s newsletter explains how. Read more…
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For today’s businesses, the many challenges of Covid, supply chains, labor shortages, general price inflation, and high energy costs increase risk. That means the risk of future liquidity constraints has increased as well. Today’s newsletter addresses how to size up that change. Read more…
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It’s been some time since I sent out a newsletter on rates, the market and food for thought in the world of real estate…
What’s prompted me to send a report now has a lot to do with rising home inventory, rising interest rates and the Dow Jones, down by 11.32% year to date currently resting at 32,654 down from

If you want to provide educational opportunities for your children or grandchildren, you may want to consider investing in a 529 plan. In recent years, this plan has gotten more flexible, and potentially more powerful, than ever.

A key benefit of a 529 plan is that earnings are generally tax free, provided the money is used for qualified educational expenses.

I have written before about the importance of understanding the difference between idiosyncratic risk and systemic risk. In today’s newsletter, I expand these two types of risk to a lens that looks at business problems. Then I discuss how this lens interacts with the concept of price elasticity. Why? I show how this understanding can help your business face the

This is something I shared with another client making offers.  Just some advice to share with you😊
With listing inventory this low in the bay area, you should ask your agent/Realtor what they think the property/listing will sell for vs what its worth.  Many agents list property below market to get multiple offers and higher prices.  Rarely do we run