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There is no doubt that when facing a divorce, the hardest issues often revolve around your children. How will they handle the transition between homes? How will they handle not seeing one parent half of the time? And, of course, one of the most anxiety-filled issues: how will I afford everything my child needs without my spouse’s income?  

Getting divorced can be one of the hardest things you’ll go through in your life, and it’s only more difficult when it’s a divorce with kids. You’re not only considering what’s best for yourself but also how your kids will experience the divorce. When going through a divorce with kids, it’s necessary to work with your ex-spouse as they’re going

The legal system can be confusing and complicated, especially when it comes to divorce. The formalities of suing another person may seem reasonable when a product fails to meet its intended purpose, or a large corporation fails to meet its duty to the public. However, when one thinks about how a family fits into this complicated book of rules, it

Once you’ve decided to get a divorce, you must next consider how to proceed. In the past, many couples quickly made the decision to hire a divorce lawyer and go through the court system. By nature, that method is scathing and full of conflict trying to get the best outcome for yourself and your lawyer. Sometimes divorces can drag on