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By Amanda Singer
One of the most common questions I hear people asking surrounding divorce is, “Do I need to hire a lawyer to get divorced?” Now the answer to this question might differ depending on who you ask, but as a licensed lawyer and a full-time mediator, the answer depends on the exact question you’re asking. If you said,

John Duffy: Why You Should Work with a CDFA for Your Divorce

Are you making the right financial decisions during your divorce? Working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (R) is the best way to ensure you are splitting your finances in the best way possible. John Duffy speaks with Professional Family Mediator, Amanda Singer about the benefits of working

By Jen Segura
Do you remember the days when the New Year brought hope and inspiration? Where have those days gone? It is the day before the kids are getting ready to return to school after Christmas break, and what do I get; an email from the school warning that school closures are likely in our future. Ugh! Can you

By Amanda Singer
Ahh, December. Some may call it the most wonderful time of the year, while others may be the most stressful time. This can be especially true if you’re dealing with a difference of opinion on what to do for the holidays with your children. Now you could be not married, married, or even divorced, and these issues

By Todd Singer
One of the hardest things to practice in life, whether it is during a family mediation or not, is forgiveness. As we enter into the holiday season and the end of another year, it can leave us better prepared for a new year to consider where we can better apply forgiveness in our lives. By working to

By Lauren Kominkiewicz
The holidays have looked a little different for many of us over the past couple of years, and now we are finally starting to normalize again. However, our normal may look different to our family. Whether you are traveling this year or people are coming to you, having to explain what you have been doing for almost

By Jen Segura
There are a variety of reasons that marriages fail. I would estimate that when marriages begin, 99% of them are believed to be the real deal. You know, happily ever after. It is rare to find someone who says, “Yea, I got married, but I knew it would never last.” Be that as it is, marriages do

Divorce figuratively and physically causes a split within a family. Once the decision has been made to move forward with dissolution, the practicalities of divorce begin to settle in. Who moves out of the home? Who stays? If there are children, who is the primary caregiver? While the family dynamics may push a couple towards one decision over the other,