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Under our common law system, case law is a constantly evolving part of the legal landscape for family law. This is intended to be the first in a regular series highlighting recent cases and their impact on family law in California. I will also include some commentary at the end about how this may impact families going through divorce. 

Are you conscious of how you are reacting? When we encounter a triggering stimulus, is it possible to avoid a negative reaction? Are there methods that would help someone figure out how to process their emotions prior to eliciting a response? Emotions can be difficult to control and feel nearly impossible to get a grip on during the divorce process. 

Something I’m frequently asked about is child support in California. It’s important to know that child support is mandatory and there is  a guideline formula that is used to calculate how much the amount is. The formula takes into consideration the number of children, the amount of time they spend with each parent, and the income of both parents.  

If you are a parent, come February/March you’re likely to be thinking about summer camps and getting the kids registered before they all book up. I remember the first year I had to put my daughter in summer camps, I was blown away by how early I had to get her registered. It can be so difficult to figure it

Something San Diego locals can agree on is that we live in paradise. We also know that there is a steep cost for that paradise. So, if you are facing a divorce here in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California, there may be a few concerns that come to mind. 
Here are the top three things to consider when