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It’s January – the month of resolutions and setting goals…fitness being top-of-mind for many. According to a 2021 Statistca study on resolutions, 50% of surveyed Americans resolved to improve their fitness. Yet, another Statistca study from 2018 found that only 4% of respondents fully followed through with their resolutions…yikes!
This leads us to ask – where does the

There’s no question HR has evolved tremendously over the past few years. The question is, have you evolved too?
Here are our predictions on where we’re at and where we’re headed, in four specific and important areas. 
The Great Rebranding of Human Resources
How many news stories have we seen that paint HR in a negative light? Susan Fowler’s

Well, we made it through 2021! On to 2022, and the chance to bring your employees back to the workplace.
Every organization’s return to work path is unique. Some organizations did not go remote, some went fully remote and plan to stay that way, and others are currently looking to bring their workforce back to the office. 
One of our

It’s the season of giving, celebration, and reflection of the year behind us…resolving what we’d like to change for the year to come. In the spirit of the season and a new year around the corner, the Civility Partners team thought we’d share some of our professional and personal highlights from 2021!
We also have a new team member, Sabrina,

Article written by: Victoria Hortman
If you’re not leveraging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in your business, you’re missing out on the potential your diverse employees can bring to the table.
ERGs support employees with upskilling and leadership opportunities, assist leadership in optimizing long-term strategy, and can be the central pillar of your DEI strategy.
Here are the top four reasons

Author: Farlyn Lucas
Workplace culture has a significant effect on how well we do our work and go about each day. A toxic work environment can negatively impact overall team morale, productivity, and work quality. What “toxic” means, in this case, varies. It can be managerial drama, micromanagement, dishonesty, backhanded comments, or even more, and it is not exclusive to

In the past few months, we’ve had some new additions to the Civility Partners family and we figured we should make some introductions!
Each of us brings a unique perspective and background to the work we do!

Catherine Mattice

As you may already know, Catherine founded Civility Partners in 2008 as a result of working in a toxic environment,

There’s been a lot of information going around about mask and vaccine mandates, return to work policies, and flexible work. There has been a whole lot less information going around about the most important topic: People.
We are curious about the people component of managing COVID and returning to work. With so much out there about physical safety, it’s important