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Poor productivity can have a spine chilling effect on your day-to-day wellbeing, let alone your business. The spooky season is definitely not the time to bury yourself in the “crazy busy” or skimp on sleep.Reel those ghosts in and take control now before the next round of holidays creep up!

Productivity coach Judy Dang shares the difference between Process Goals
and Outcome Goals. Why is this important? Knowing the difference will help
you be more successful with your goals. It will eliminate frustration and

Entrepreneurs love starting projects and putting out fires – but are you working on the right problem?Recently I was a guest on my friend Val Low’s Focus & Freedom for Entrepreneurs podcast that features “focus, productivity, and entrepreneurs doing extraordinary things in business.” Of course I was honored to join those ranks! Outside of the podcast, Val helps businesses clarify

Owning a business can be a slog. To keep yourself motivated, don’t forget
to celebrate your achievements. Productivity coach Judy Dang shares her
method of keeping track of progress and wins. It’s simple and easy to use.
Grab your post-its and give it a try.