Corporate culture is built on partnership. To understand this, it’s easiest to look at what leadership is.What’s a leader without anyone following? Can you really call that person a leader? The truth is, everyone in your organization is a partner in a certain sense. They’re all with you as you pursue your unique vision of success.The Difference Between Partnership and

If your business uses Microsoft 365 Groups, you know how useful this cross-application service can be. Groups allows users to choose people with whom they can share resources like Microsoft Outlook inbox or document library. But connectors further enhance this feature by enabling users to send information to anyone in the group right from a shared inbox.

Jerome Jerome Fogel is the co-founder of Fogel & Potamianos LLP. He is known as a dealmaker and innovator in the legal community. He represents successful entrepreneurs, small and lower middle market companies, and high-profile sports and entertainment leaders. He also serves as the go-to offsite general counsel for a number of organizations. ​He has …
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It’s January – the month of resolutions and setting goals…fitness being top-of-mind for many. According to a 2021 Statistca study on resolutions, 50% of surveyed Americans resolved to improve their fitness. Yet, another Statistca study from 2018 found that only 4% of respondents fully followed through with their resolutions…yikes!
This leads us to ask – where does the

چکیدهطبق نوشته معروف مایکل پورتر «جوهره راهبرد، تعیین کارهایی است که نباید انجامشان داد». پس جوهره اجرای راهبرد هم، در عدم اجرای آن نهفته است. بسیار ساده به نظر می‌رسد ولی اغلب سازمانها، با کنار زدن برنامه‌هایشان حتی برنامه‌هایی که دیگر حامی راهبردشان نیست؛ مشکل دارنداگر به گفته مایکل پورتر در مقاله مجله اچ بی آر: «جوهره راهبرد، تعیین کارهایی است که

The way team members work is dramatically different than even a few years ago. It’s not only that many companies sent employees home during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many remain working from home, and some roles turned permanently remote for organizations large and small.

Organizations of all sizes find that roles within an organization can quickly change, especially