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The era of POTS lines, or “Plain Old Telephone Services,” is fading into history. The reason behind this shift is simple: the technology that once powered these services is no longer financially viable for telecom providers. If you can recall the days of copper phone lines connecting to your home or

Has finding high-quality talent become a challenge? Make sure you’re not committing the biggest recruiting mistakes, which only make the process that much harder. Here are some of the most common recruiting mistakes your team can make and how to avoid them.

1. Basic, less-than-compelling job postings

Review a recent batch of your company’s job postings. Do they include only

Show notes Ron Gutman Ron Gutman is an inventor, an investor, a serial technology and healthcare entrepreneur and a Stanford University adjunct Professor. Ron has built and invested in technology and healthcare companies that have served hundreds of millions of people and saved tens of thousands of lives worldwide. He’s an inventor holding a series …
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Estate planning is an indispensable step for anyone seeking to retain control over the future of their small business in the face of retirement, disability, or passing away. Beyond safeguarding your business, it also guarantees that your loved ones can benefit from the financial success you’ve achieved.

Effective estate planning for business proprietors achieves two fundamental objectives. First, it ensures

We’re entering the last quarter of the game called business. Now is the time to defend our lead with first-team public relations tactics that enhance the brand, engage employees and showcase innovation. Are our customers, employees and investors/partners applauding? Do we have revenue growth? Are the right players in the right place on our teams?

Here are five tenets of

A Major League Baseball Players (MLB) Benefit Plan participant recently filed an ERISA lawsuit against Aetna Health and Life Insurance Co. (Aetna) and the MLB Benefits Plan. The suit challenges the denial of inpatient mental health treatment claims for the participant’s daughter.
MLB offers mental health benefits to employees and their beneficiaries, including inpatient and outpatient treatment of mental health

It’s Q4 and time to drive up those origination numbers before the end of the year.

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Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally. It burst onto the scene over a decade ago, and it has truly revolutionized the way we connect, work together, and do business.
What’s remarkable is that social media isn’t just about marketing; it’s like a bridge connecting businesses and their customers. But it’s more