As a leadership coach, I definitely believe in the power of coaching. I also know that a coaching approach is one of the key tools in the modern leader’s toolkit.Most contemporary organizations have at least some focus on innovation and creativity at every level. This requires a learning approach, but that can be difficult to foster and maintain in the

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Mathew Kerbis discuss:

  • Time management efficiently and effectively with technology.
  • Utilizing a client portal.
  • Meeting your clients where they are and going where the market is.
  • Offering more affordable, transparent pricing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Put it on your calendar. If you can stick to your calendar, building the habits becomes easier.
  • You have to get

A reorg is one of the most common interventions leaders turn to for organizational change, and often the first: everything from adding, merging, or breaking teams apart to rethinking how whole organizations are structured (should we be product-led or customer-led, geographically partitioned or split into business units?). But when is a reorg really the right intervention?

The logic of starting

While Instagram is a perennially obvious choice for consumer-focused companies and influencers, B2Bs may be wondering whether the social channel holds any marketing benefit for them too. The answer is a resounding yes. Increasingly, in fact, B2Bs need to be on Instagram. Why? The reason is simple: your audience is there. While LinkedIn remains the …
Should Your B2B Be

Did you know that less than 3% of your buyers are actually ready to buy right now? That means that more than 97% of your potential buyers are shopping, looking for more information, and deciding when they might buy. The reports also state that what once took 7-10 impressions to convert a buyer now takes 18-25 or more before they

The last two years have brought a slew of changes for employers. These changes include remote work on the rise, the Great Resignation resulting in millions of employees leaving their jobs, as well as an influx of millennials and Gen Z joining the workforce.

Many of these events can cause employers to feel disconnected from their employees. Don’t worry, we

At Civility Partners we eat, sleep and breathe company culture (it’s dramatic, but true). A positive work environment has endless benefits for employees, the organization, and even the community. We believe in making a respectful work culture a possibility for organizations around the world. 
We (that’s your workforce) spend the majority of our time at work, making it a vital