Post pandemic, we know that employers are struggling to attract and retain talent. According to Zywave’s 2022 Attraction and Retention Survey, more than 75% of employers consider attraction and retention to be among their top five business challenges. This change in the labor market means the old ways of delivering Employee Benefits are no longer enough to increase retention. Employees now

Although high-profile racially charged incidents in recent years have led to a surge in corporate pledges and investments toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the forward movement toward these goals has stalled. DEI leaders who have spearheaded this diversity work have focused on three key reasons why well-intentioned DEI initiatives have failed. 
Failure to Explicitly Connect DEI Objectives to the

Economy Watch
Confusing data is the rule. This makes the Fed’s job especially difficult. Which data points do you believe? Better question, which data points does the Fed believe?

  • New home sales unexpectedly rose 7.5% in October, befuddling economist who expected a decline of 5.5% for the month. While some analysts credited aggressive discounting by home builders as the reason

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Denny Esford discuss:

  • How lawyers can better plan their day and execute that plan. 
  • Build in “no” answers to your strategy. 
  • Executing your business plan first thing in the day. 
  • Content calendars, scheduling your business development, and preparing in advance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Without having clients coming in, consistently, running your firm is just

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The family was baffled. Not only was the will out of date, but it was also unsigned, and the person named as executor had died a decade before their mother died. Grandchildren born after the will was created were not mentioned, and personal possessions left to some people in the will had been given away years ago.This scenario, as described

This past week, a major West Coast shopping center developer told me, “Value doesn’t always mean cheaper.” He went on to explain that this principle applies broadly to many financial sectors, but has special relevance for retail real estate. At the heart of the matter, a triple-A retail location has value that transcends traditional investment metrics. Properties at these prime

Show Notes Christopher Nguyen CEO and Co-Founder of Aitomatic Hacker, Professor, Builder/Founder w/ successful exits, Leader, Knowledge-First ML Creator @h1st_ai, ex-GoogleApps, ‣ Strategic executive leadership [Google, Panasonic] ‣ CEO/CTO/VP Eng, successful startup+corp experience [Agenda-Asia, Arimo, Aitomatic] ‣ Hands-on software engineering management – built & led teams of ’00s ‣ Machine Learning/AI, Extreme Internet-scale, highly …
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