If your service-based business has consistent revenue but is not turning a profit month over month, this is a webinar you want to attend!

Join us for a power-packed 45-minute, free online webinar where you’ll discover the essential steps for service-based companies to excel in pricing, ensuring gross margins of at least 60%.

Learn how to:
⚬Analyze profitability by client

Managed IT is a critical component of modern accounting practices. These services provide a range of IT solutions designed to support the unique needs of accounting firms and CPAs. Understanding these services is the first step towards leveraging them effectively. Managed IT for accounting firms encompassing a wide range of solutions, from network management and […]

Step 1 – Research and Preparation

  • Understand the Process: Learn about the real estate market in your desired area.  Educate yourself on the home buying process and the need for representation by a realtor and lender that work together so mistakes are not made ensuring your success with home ownership.
  • Determine Your Purchase Power to include Home Affordability and Get

Data is a valuable resource that can provide insights into various aspects of business operations, customer behavior, and market trends. However, extracting meaningful insights from data can be challenging due to factors such as lack of knowledge on the available data assets, limited technology resources, or inadequate processes for collecting, processing, and reporting.

The purpose of a data assessment is

Did you know May is Mental Health Month? This makes it an important time to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and foster understanding about mental health challenges—including in the workplace.  For many individuals, workplaces can be a significant contributor to stress and anxiety, with long hours, tight deadlines, and high-pressure environments taking a toll on their […]
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Among the myriad factors influencing purchases, habits stand out as a key driver. By habits, we mean the ingrained behaviors that shape how prospects interact with products and brands.  In the B2B realm especially, decision-makers often rely on habitual patterns when evaluating solutions, engaging with vendors, and making buying decisions. Understanding, anticipating, and supporting these […]
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In the vast landscape of digital marketing, landing pages are the gateways to conversion, pivotal touchpoints where potential customers make the leap from merely curious visitors to prospects. However, driving conversions requires highly effective landing pages, especially when there is so much marketplace noise. While 10% is considered a “good” landing page conversion rate, the average […]
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For the past 15 years, we have been dedicated to transforming toxic workplace cultures and fostering positive environments through executive coaching, corporate training, and large-scale culture change projects.
We’ve serviced over 250 clients and their thousands of employees worldwide!
We understand the daily struggles faced by employees in toxic environments, and our genuine care for their well-being drives our work.