As you reach your fifties and beyond, ensuring you have a solid plan for retirement is vital. Retirement planning involves multiple factors including income and cash flow, risk management, investment allocation, as well as tax and estate considerations. Matthew Sassani, a chartered retirement planning counselor, presents. People nearing retirement will benefit from this informative event.

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A California trust accounting is an important form of protection that offers a window for beneficiaries into how a trustee is administering a trust in the state of California, and it offers peace of mind for trustees by minimizing disputes. However, preparing one requires considerable expertise. The margin for error is slim. An inaccurate accounting that does not comply with

Frayed, but Resilient
Over the past 3 weeks the economy and the banking system have become more frayed, yet markets have remained resilient. So, this week, we attempt to make sense out of what doesn’t make any sense.
Our recession call remains in place as many economic indicators point toward a recession. Here are a few:

      • Leading Indicators: The Leading

Thursday March 23rd at 2 pm EST

Attending this webinar is essential for nonprofit Executive Directors to understand the growing cybercrime landscape and its $8 trillion impact. Gain insights into the White House’s cybersecurity statement, learn practical strategies to protect your organization, and discover ways to mitigate potential risks. Benefit from real-world examples, engage in a Q&A session, and ensure

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a proposed rule on December 27, 2022, that would permanently allow remote witnessing of spousal consent elections under certain circumstances. The proposed rule would go into effect six months after publication in the Federal Register. Taxpayers can continue to make remote spousal consent elections according to the proposed rule until it formally goes into

Jack and Diane have done well together, and now they’re grandparents. Life is good. They are all set—except for that “oops” lurking in their trust that they aren’t aware of.

After the first grandchild was born in 2002, Diane nudged Jack to have their Will reviewed. For good reason, the attorney recommended they create a Living Trust and did a